COPE investigated a multitude of different research questions and many important research ideas have already been brought forward by internal as well as external groups. As of August 2018, COPE has a list of over 40 research proposals addressing more detailed research questions as part of the grant or additional to the core research questions of the grant.

A set of rules applies to research proposals within COPE. As an EU funded project, we have core deliverables of the grant due for submission to the EU Commission. However, COPE is also open to new research proposals that were not part of the grant application. COPE therefore distinguishes between core research proposals and ancillary research proposals. Ancillary proposals are reviewed by the Trial Monitoring and Biobank Committee and are then sent to the COPE Management Board for approval.

Before handing in a research proposal, we strongly suggest that you check the list of already approved research ideas to avoid overlaps. If you are confident that your research proposal is not yet covered within our remit, please follow the process outlined below:

  • First stage: please submit a one-page 'preliminary proposal' using the below templates depending on the trial you are addressing. The Trial Monitoring Committee and Biobank Team will review your preliminary proposal and assess its research impact and feasibility within COPE.

  • Second stage: if this assessment is positive, the COPE project office will supply you with the 'definitive application' template in which you can deepen your research idea and engage in the next steps of study development.

  • To avoid overlaps, it is essential that you check the list of already approved proposals by clicking here.


Template for the COMPARE Trial

Template for the Liver Trial

Template for the POMP Trial

This project has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement 305934.

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