Partner 1

University of Oxford (UK) - Oxford was the coordinating centre for COPE and the seat of its Principle Investigator Professor Rutger Ploeg as well as the COPE Project Office. Oxford led the liver trial (WP2) and was a national coordinating site for the POMP kidney trial (WP3). Furthermore, the trials' biobank is located in Oxford as well as the project's governance and methodology (WP8) and management (WP10). Meet the team by clicking here.

Partner 2

University Medical Centre Groningen (NL) - the Groningen team led one experimental work package on kidney perfusion under Professor Henri Leuvenink and was involved in both kidney trials. To meet the Groningen team, click here.

Partner 3

University Clinic Essen-Duisburg (DE) - the Essen team led our POMP trial involving kidney reconditioning under Professor Andreas Paul  and was also involved as a partner centre in our liver trial. To meet the Essen team, click here.

Partner 5

University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI (FR) - Paris and specifially Professor Benoit Barrout was involved to provide clinical expertise and knowledge transfer as a highly experienced transplant site.

Partner 6

University Poitiers, Institute INSERM (FR) - the team in Poitiers under Professor Thierry Hauet was involved in our experimental work packages and provided long-standing expertise in pre-clinical research of organ transplantation. Meet them through here

Partner 7

University Hospitals Leuven (BE) - the Leuven team led our COMPARE kidney trial under Professor Jacques Pirenne and was also involved in the POMP kidney trial as well as in the liver trial. Meet the Leuven team by clicking here.

Partner 9

OrganOx Ltd (UK) - OrganOx provided the normothermic liver perfusion machine for our liver trial. They are UK based and are a spin-off of the University of Oxford. Meet OrganOx here.

Partner 10

Organ Assist Products B.V. (NL) - Organ Assist provided the hypothermic kidney perfusion machines used in our POMP and COMPARE trials. They are based in the Netherlands and are a spin-off of the University of Groningen. Meet their team here. 

Partner 11

Aqix Ltd (UK) - Aqix is a UK based company producing novel perfusion fluids for organ preservation. The Aqix team contributed to our experimental work packages; click here to meet them.

Partner 12

Hemarina SA (FR) - Hemarina is a French company producing preservation fluids and oxygen carriers and with these innovations the team contributed to our experimental work packages. Meet Hemarina through here.

Partner 13

ESOT (NL) - the European Society for Organ Transplantation is a non-profit organisation bringing together professionals in organ transplantation for knowledge transfer, exchange of experience, training, conferences and a variety of international committees. COPE was the official task force on organ preservation for ESOT and the ESOT team implemented our communication and dessimination strategy. Meet the ESOT team by clicking here.

Partner 14

Med-Assist B.V. (NL) - Med-Assist was our logistical partner in the COMPARE kidney trial in charge of all continental sites involved in the study. Meet their team here.

Partner 15

Fundacio Clinic per a la Recerca Biomedica (ES) - our Barcelona based Spanish team under Professor Juan Carlos Valdecasas participated in the liver trial. Meet the involved team by clicking here.

COPE was run by a large team of clinicians, researchers and scientists, research registrars, trial and project managers, biobank specialists, transplant coordinators, technicians and research nurses. These professionals were located at each COPE partner organisation as well as at the multitude of transplant centres cooperating with us across Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and the UK. Please click through the table below to meet the core team of our project. 

Andreas Paul, Essen
Arjan van der Plaats, Organ Assist Products
Catherine Boffa, Oxford
Cyril Moers, Groningen
David Nasralla, Oxford
Frank Zal, Hemarina
Doug Reese, Aqix
Henri Leuvenink, Groningen
Ina Jochmans, Leuven
Tim Boland, Oxford
Isabel Quiroga, Oxford
Jacques Pirenne, Leuven
John Forsythe, ESOT
Liset Pengel, Oxford
Martin Kuizenga, Organ Assist Products
Melchior van Voorden, Organ Assist Products
Maria Kaisar, Oxford
Marian Thijssen-Grooten, Med-Assist
Peri Kocabayoglu, Essen
Sir Peter Morris, Oxford
Peter Friend, Oxford
Rajeev Kumar, Oxford
Raphael Thuillier, Poitiers
Richeal Burns, Oxford
Rutger Ploeg, Oxford
Simon Knight, Oxford
Sarah Mertens, Leuven
Stephan Leuvenink, Med-Assist
Thomas Minor, Bonn
Juan Carlos Valdecasas, Barcelona
Virginia Chiocchia, Oxford
Zeeshan Akthar, Oxford

This project has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement 305934.

COPE Consortium - 2018