Oxford Team

Rutger Ploeg is Professor of Transplant Biology at the University of Oxford, consultant transplant surgeon and the Coordinating Principle Investigator of the COPE consortium. Within COPE, he is leading the COPE biobank (work package 7) as well as the project management (work package 10) and is involved in implementing our two kidney trials in Oxford.


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Peter Friend is Professor of Transplantation at the University of Oxford, consultant transplant surgeon and the Clinical Director of the Oxford Transplant Centre. Within COPE, he is leading our liver trial and furthermore participates in the biobank and kidney studies.


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Sir Peter Morris is Nuffield Professor of Surgery Emeritus at the University of Oxford, Emeritus Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford and the founder and Director of the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation. Within COPE, he is leading the methodolgy and trial design work package.


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Tim Boland is the Transplant Research Project Manager at Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences. Within COPE, he provides a range of support services including budget monitoring, communication, and arrangements for the Annual Meeting.

Miss Catherine Boffa is a clinical research fellow at the Oxford Transplant Centre and Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences and is working towards her PhD under the supervision of Professor Ploeg. Within COPE, she is the local coordinator of our POMP kidney trial in the UK and works in close cooperation with the trial leader in Essen (Germany).

Dr David Nasralla is curently completing a PhD under the supervision of Professor Friend on normothermic machine perfusion and its impact on liver transplantation. in this position, he is coordinating the day-to-day running of our COPE liver trial led by the University of Oxford.

Miss Isabel Quiroga is a consultant surgeon at the Oxford Transplant Centre and the Clinical Lead for organ retrieval. Within COPE, Isabel is involved as local coordinator of our COMPARE kidney study in the UK and is working closely with the COMPARE lead in Leuven (Belgium).

Dr John O'Callaghan is currently a research fellow working jointly at the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation and the Oxford Transplant Centre, Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust. Within COPE, John has been involved in the systematic reviews of the trials and has strongly supported the protocol development and trial design across all studies.

Dr Liset Pengel is the CEO and a Senior Research Associate of the Centre of Evidence for Transplantation. Within COPE, Liset is assisting with protocol review of the proposed RTC's, statistical analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis. She was furthermore involved in conducting the systematic reviews of our clinical trials.

Maria Kaisar is currently completing her PhD under the supervision of Professor Ploeg in the area of novel markers of ischemic injury that donor organs have undergone during the donation process, markers of deterioration during organ preservation and therapeutic targets of intervention during organ donation and preservation. Within COPE, Maria holds the role of Translational Research Coordinator and is strongly involved in the biobanking work package.

Dr Zeeshan Akhtar is currently completing a DPhil as a Royal College of Surgeons Research Fellow exploring the therapeutic potential of manipulating the Hypoxia Inducible Factor pathway in brain dead organ donors. Within COPE, he is the Scientific Secretary strongly involved in the COPE biobank (WP7) and is responsible for assisting the COPE Co-ordinators and aiding in the design and execution of clinical and experimental studies.

Richeal Burns is a Senior Researcher at the Health Economics Research Centre of the University of Oxford. Within COPE, Richeal is in charge of our Health Economics Analysis that will be carried out for the three clinical trials.

Dr Simon Knight is an Academic Clinical Lecturer and is affiliated with the Centre of Evidence in Transplantation. Simon is the WP8 leader in COPE and has many years of experience in evidence based transplantation research and systematic reviews relating to the optimisation of post-transplant immunosuppression.

This project has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement 305934.

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